The Gift of Hunting in Florida

Where better to get basic advice on hunting than in the Florida Sportsman Forum? In our General Hunting Forum this week, Member Rootbeer dropped in to introduce herself, announcing, “I have my archery gear all set up and got my license amongst the other extra stuff they require for us to pay for and looking forward to start hunting with my husband and our friends hopefully soon but taking it easy and really attentive on learning before jumping in but it’s been a desire of mine for years…”

By noon the next day, Rootbeer found several Members offering warm welcomes and good advice: Don’t sweat the snakes; call the FWC to clarify confusing laws; take it slow and learn as you go.

She reflects on her excitement for the upcoming pursuit: “I believe it will be much like how I spearfish in the ocean. . . The excitement is a great rush and there is something special when you pull the trigger and catch a nice trophy-size catch, so I do take joy in the kill part but with great respect for what God blesses us and—yummy!–the best part is learning the best way to cook the catch!”

See the thread here.

No photo today, but instead a link for the last-minute shopper looking to outfit someone special for archery. Click here