When it comes to throwing a cast net, there seems to be just about a million different ways it can be done, however, some ways work better than others. Getting a net to “pancake” is the goal, that is open full spread. Your fishing buddies may get a laugh if they see your net open and hit the water in more of a “banana” fashion. Luckily, learning to throw a net is actually quite easy and video hosting sites such as youtube.com have plenty of how-to videos that show how it can be done properly. The best way to learn though is to simply find someone who knows the proper technique and practice with them, this doesn’t even have to take place on the water, rather in a backyard or large open area where the net will not snag on any obstructions. Florida Sportsman member fishingkid315 was having a little trouble getting the hang of throwing his net on a school of mullet in his canal, but with help from other Florida Sportsman members he should be getting the swing of things now. Check out the forum thread here.

Below is an informational video on how to throw a castnet by Jose Wejebe. Check it out!

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