Guys on the General Hunting Forum are talking about a monster black bear spotted on a trail cam last week up in North Florida.

Moderator Panhandler80 posted still photos and was working on video, commenting that, “When you see this guy MOVE he looks twice as big as he does in these still shots. Just the way he carries himself, and his huge fat butt, and big stocky shoulders. He just lumbers around and moves so slowly and with so much confidence; not a care in the world. A really cool animal…”

“Oh great,” one member posted in reply. “All these years when walking out to my stand in the dark, I’ve been telling myself that things like that don’t live around here.”

Well, buddy, they do!

Check the pics and give your own weight estimate. Some guys are saying 500 pounds. What do you think? Click here for the thread.

Also this week, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is encouraging outdoorsmen to solicit input on a new bear management plan. A draft plan will go before commissioners at the February meeting.

For the FWC bear page, click here.

To watch a brief video about the black bear recovery in Florida, click here or watch below.

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