Winter Dolphin Fishing

Dolphin fishing in the winter can be very rewarding, especially when your with great friends. Florida Sportsman member Plane Fish n and crew had a great day offshore of St. Lucie Inlet, catching a whole mess of dolphin, 11 in total. All this action and a full fish box just in time to make it back in for lunch.

Check out the forum thread here.

  • Eric

    Hey there, sorry about the late reply.. I just saw it. We use Molcraft Softheads and Williamson skirts. I like the Molcraft because they have inserts which are different colors.. good for contrast. I use very small ballyhoo. I like single hook versus 2 hooks and the small ballyhoo allow this.

    I usually set a spread of 2 flatlines about 30 feet back and slightly staggered. I then set 2 outrigger baits back far and again, staggered. Lastly, I put a little squid (has a small egg sinker in the head , some red beads and a hook and it is deadly for phins and BFT''s) out short in the prop wash.

    Take care and thanks for your question.