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Be patient in those harsh autumn winds—they bring promises of spectacular flats fishing in the coming weeks. The December 2011 print edition of Florida Sportsman Magazine has a three-part photo essay to stoke your redfish fire: Clear water, artificial lures, sight-fishing, all rendered in high-def detail by renowned photographers. Also read up to plan camping trips in coastal waters, reef fishing forays in the Keys, and nab those flounder that are suddenly invading Florida’s Gulf Coast. We’ve got Seminars on rigging your boat, building your own pompano lures and much more!







Tailing redfish in your sights? Learn how to make the connection in Winter’s Tail, our spectacular photo essay. And if you want to stay on the scene overnight, we have expert advice on camping, including reminders on gear you must bring and tactics for mooring your boat. One of the biggest stories of the year for anglers on Florida’s Gulf Coast is the boom in flounder populations. New writer and Tampa Bay expert John Touchton reveals the secrets to flat-out flounder fun! And if you want bonefish, look east, toward the great Marls of Abaco, Bahamas, where Associate Editor Sam Hudson tells about a terrific spot for fly and spin fishing.


Go for grouper! December is the last month to keep most grouper species on Florida’s Atlantic coast, as the season closes January 1 through the end of April. Managing Editor David Conway takes you to the end of the line, Key West, to catch black and gag grouper, as well as snapper, amberjack and permit. There’s simply no better place and time to bottom fish than the rocky, reef-lined waters around our southernmost city. And if you want to toss out a flatline bait for sailfish, wahoo and other predators, check out Capt. Zac Grossman’s Offshore Seminar, on using bobber stoppers in conjunction with balloon floats. It’s a depth-targeting system we’re itching to try. Big kings? Team Bandit’s got ‘em. Tournament Insider columnist Brett Fitzgerald reveals winning strategies.


Here’s a little secret: Black crappie, a.k.a. speckled perch, are one of the best eating fish in Florida, ranking right up there with saltwater favorites such as dolphin and snapper. Winter is by far the best time to fish for crappie in the Sunshine State, as the fish gang up in large schools prior to spawning. Longtime FS Contributor Larry Kinder is an expert on nabbing the sometimes-finicky crappie, and in a feature article he serves up seven of his best strategies. Largemouth bass are also on the move in December, and writer Chris Christian makes a case for a Comeback Rod, in the FS Seminar Bass Fishing.


Voltage problems are surely the number one source of frustration for boaters using sophisticated and otherwise nearly bulletproof electronics systems. Marine Electronics columnist Al Herum explores how those primary connections, all the way back to your battery cables, contribute to the performance of your vessel’s many systems. Photos illustrate the correct way to crimp on new terminals. Plus, we tell you the vital question to ask of your local dealer.

Conservation Front

Nuts! That’s what we think about the FWC opening up more opportunities for commercial fishermen to sell spotted seatrout. Columnist Doug Kelly exposes the absurdities of the seatrout scandal in On the Conservation Front. But lest you think we reserve our print and ink for rage alone, settle back and savor James Phillips’ tribute to the mangroves. The Tampa-based writer/photographer has a terrific eye for Wild Florida, and a writing style that’s easy-going and informative.

Action Spotter

That’s Earl Bentz, founder of Triton Boats, with a blackfin tuna, and on the surrounding pages a whole cast of characters showing off their big catches around the state. That’s right, the original face-book, Action Spotter! Our Field Editors back up the images with solid advice on local hotspots and fish migrations. In the Keys, Al Herum explores the patch reefs; in Northwest Florida, Bill Greer takes us to the St. Marks creeks; while in the far Panhandle, Buck Hall lays out a midwinter dream trip to the distant oil fields.

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