“Been working on some new and innovative techniques to creatively capture the excitement of offshore fishing. Here is the latest – The KiteCam 2.0. On this day it filmed us catching a mahi off the coast of Palm Beach, FL. Will be tweaking the design to make it more stable next time.”

Anglers are coming up with all kinds of crazy places to put their cameras so they can capture the fishing action in new and different ways. From underwater to up in the sky, we are starting see some interesting viewpoints. The latest and greatest by Paul Dabill is a camera mounted in his fishing kite. Pointed at the boat from up in the air, this camera shows the bite from start to finish and allows the viewer to see the entire scene play out, from bow to stern. A little shaky from the wind, this idea may need some tweaking, but the KiteCam 2.0’s trial run was definitely a success.

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