Florida Sportsman member: bonitabob

“We were lucky enough to be invited to one of our good friend Ken’s 300 acre lake that he lives on to do some bass fishing. What a great day and the lake was absolutely loaded with fish.”

Here’s what bonitabob has to say about his new fishing show:

“Hey yall’, we were making videos for fun and a lot of people seemed to like them, so we made them a little more formal. We call it the “Fish On Show” and we will be releasing new episodes every month. We will keep them around 15 minutes or so and we will be focused on SW Florida waters. We will occasionally drive around the state as well. The concept is this is a show for the everyday average recreational angler. Most shows on t.v are filmed on very expensive boats with custom tackle and expensive guides. Most people can’t afford this and just want to catch fish. We fish from shore, bridges and kayaks and our guests will be average joe anglers just like us. The video and audio may not always be perfect, and we have a tendency to be clowns, but the fish are there. If you like the videos, please subscribe to the channel and let us know what you want us to change, if anything. Check out the first couple of episodes here and thanks in advance!”

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