Finding it hard to get the straight story on a potential hunting lease? Drop in on the FS Hunting Forum and you’re likely to find some helpful background details.

Recently FS Member gator4ever asked the community about an “absolutely beautiful” parcel in Southwest Florida, adjacent to the famous Babcock Ranch. He’d visited the property only to find just a few does and little if any sign.

Later in the thread, two hunters with experience in the area share similar tales: One who’d hunted the area unsuccessfully during the 2010 season (“I’d see more deer in ANY WMA in one day than that place in a year”) and one with some apparent knowledge of poaching activity: “A poacher’s paradise for many years.”

Perhaps not the final answer for gator4ever, but certainly outside recommendations are always worth considering.

In related news, the FWC today announced quail-hunting regulations changes for Babcock-Webb WMA. Click here.

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