If you like to fish, from time to time, you’re not going to find someone to go fishing with you. Whether fishing inshore or offshore, if you go alone, there’s an element of danger. Maybe danger is bit of an overstatement, but without a doubt you need to take precautions to make sure you come back safely, even if you’re inshore or nearshore, FS member tag posted “I had a co-worker die after falling overboard in the St. Johns river less than a mile from shore.”

It’s nice not to have to wait at the dock for a running late fishing buddy, but when you do head out on your own remember to plan ahead. Give someone your float-plan and estimated time you expect to be back, that way when you don’t show up, someone knows to call for help. And, while on your boat there are some simple things you can do to help insure your safety. Use your kill switch while running your boat, and wear a life jacket, or better yet an inflatable PFD, such as the Mustang MD 3183 as FS member F1D2 uses. Another option recommended is the Autoteather. Florida Sportsman member Renegade69 put it this way, “I fish alone 99 percent of the time. I quit asking my friends to go. 2 strikes and they don’t get asked again. Get an Autotether and wear a self inflatable life vest.”

No one to fish with? No problem, Just be careful. See what others are doing to prepare for a trip by themselves.

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