Florida Sportsman member Capt. Andy Tasker doesn’t think much of the old “bad luck bananas” superstition held by many fisherman when he brings along a banana while tarpon fishing. He proceeds to have an excellent day releasing some more than decent tarpon off the beaches in Stuart. Also wearing banana boxers in the video, it’s obvious to see this superstition doesn’t effect Capt. Andy very much at all.

“The tarpon bite was great at any of the bridges for 2 weeks. They have been blasting the mullet and flying out of the water. Its been quit a site watching them group up and attack the bait. The beach did have mullet running north and south with tarpon hanging around them. Just have to be patient and put some time in finding them rolling. The snook bite is still going good just not as strong with the mullet getting blown away. After this last couple days of the swell and wind who knows whats gonna happen with the bait. Here is a video from this past week with 3 tarpon and a Banana […]

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