Good Smoker Protein

Something about that taste of smoked foods can’t be beat, and you can prepare them yourself. A lot of guys prepare a lot of smoked foods at home—after the initial learning curve, it’s easy and it makes foods last longer. For instance, fresh smoked fish lasts in the fridge a lot longer than fresh fillets—and you can take it right out and eat it as a snack when you’re just home from work and starving. I’ve smoked plenty of kingfish, of course, but also great are dolphin, amberjack, stream trout and yes, even pompano. You can also hot-smoke meats and cheeses, too.

But FS member Mister-Jr is buying his first smoker and asks which is best—electric, charcoal or propane? Lots of good info on this thread and other threads in the Sportsman’s Kitchen.

  • Mike Larue

    Charcoal to me is the best.Use Soaked wood chunks for a wonderful smoke flavor.

  • Mike Larue

    ALao use wood charcoal versus regular charcoal briquets.