Florida Sportsman member Panhandler80 does not have a downrigger on his boat, but wants to get baits down deep while trolling. There is a few options out there for fisherman that don’t have the convenience of a downrigger system, most are very cost-effective, simple to rig, and easy to use and stow away. Whether it is a break-away system or not, lead get’s your baits down deeper. Just the shape of the lead, how much weight to use, and how you are going to set up your system are some questions that may come up. Florida Sportsman members chime in with their own idea’s on how it’s done.

“I picked up two 32 oz in-line leads that I’d like to use to get some baits fairly deep on a slow troll. I know folks use these a lot for hight speed trolling… the lead is low-profile, which equals less drag, but the weight keeps the mono main line in the water far ahead of the lure so hat the sure stays in the water… much like a chain on an anchor changs the angle of the pull from the boat […]

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Check out Jeff Weakley’s story “Dig Deep in the Dog Days” in the September 2011 Issue of Florida Sportsman Magazine, on newsstands now.

Jeff Weakley shows readers how to put baits and lures down where the fish are and also gives some modern twists on old tricks when it comes to downrigger fishing.

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