The all new Florida Sportsman Fish ID Lawstick is expected to be a big seller. Florida Sportsman Publisher, Blair Wickstrom had this to say about the new product, “We have combined the lifelike images of the most popular and restricted species with the applicable season size and bag limits. The new Lawsticks aren’t sticks exactly, they’re heavy duty waterproof, scratchproof paper. Our Lawstick is now more portable than ever, you can fold it up and store it in just about any size tackle box. And now for the first time you can use our Lawstick to measure the girth of the fish if you’re interested in getting the approximate weight of a fish when computing the length to girth computation. Now you can use the illustrations to ID the fish and quickly go to the back side of the ID Lawstick to see if it’s legal to keep.”

Click here to order your new Gulf of Mexico Lawstick today.

To order your Atlantic Lawstick click here.

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