Florida Sportsman member mickeyd, who fishes off east central Florida, kicked off a great discussion of the best techniques and gear to use for butterfly jigging for snapper, grouper and amberjacks.

No doubt butterfly jigging has become hugely popular all around Florida in the last eight years. Species often targeted by the long jigs which flutter erratically in the water column also include blackfin tuna and kingfish. The technique requires constant action from the angler, which heightens the power of the hit when you get on the fish.

Now, most big companies have introduced rods and reels made specifically for butterfly jigging, and mickeyd’s thread kicks up a lot of good information for those interested in the technique.

In the photo, some sweet jigging setups posted by Florida Sportsman member flvol77.

See other Florida Sportsman readers butterfly jigging setup’s and join in on the conversation.

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