The RIBZ Front Pack is a unique chest “vest” designed for the outdoor hunter, hiker or wade-fishing angler. The storage pack fits securely around the user’s ribcage, positioning all pockets and contents so they don’t impede arm movement. All the pockets can be accessed from the front, and for hikers, a backpack can still be worn in conjunction with the RIBZ.

The RIBZ Front Pack is made from 210D waterproof ripstop nylon and weighs 11 ounces (an 18-ounce water resistant 600D nylon is also available). Four external zippered pockets and four additional internal pockets provide plenty of storage options. The shoulder straps of the RIBZ pack are extra-wide, heavy-duty nylon, designed to evenly distribute its weight. The back of the RIBZ pack consists of two adjustable velcro straps.

For wade-fishermen who sometimes hit the water without waders, the RIBZ pack holds your lures, tackle and other accessories without issue. Recognize that there isn’t a dedicated rod holder built-in, plus the pack can get wet if wading in water above your waist. Available colors include camo, blaze orange or black. For more information, visit

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