July 6, 2011

Team Double Dog breaks previous Bahamas blue marlin record during the Bahamas Billfish Championship.

Team Double Dog, out of Fort Lauderdale, knew they had a fish that exceeded 900 pounds at the end of their line during the Treasure Cay leg of the Bahamas Billfish Championship (BBC).

They just didn’t know it would shatter records. “At the weigh-in, the dock was electric with the new record,” commented Patrick Fetsch, general manager of Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina. Weighing in at 1,119 pounds, their blue marlin breaks the previous record of 1,060.5 pounds set in 1979 by Sam Jennings, of Miami, during the BBC’s Bimini leg.

Angler David Albury of Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas spent over three hours fighting his grander before the Double Dog team could bring it in the boat. Albury is the first Bahamian to hold the record.
“When we saw the fish in the spread, we could not believe our eyes,” said Double Dog owner Don McKinney. “We scrambled to clear the light tackle and get the 80s in position just in time for the giant blue to crash the port short.”

According to the Double Dog’s captain, Jason Parker, “It was team work all the way, especially when it came to getting the fish into the boat. We quickly realized that we were going to have a difficult time getting the fish through the transom door. We rigged a ‘come along’ to keep the fish straight while everyone aboard pulled the monster fish aboard.”

In addition to the record blue, Double Dog released a blue marlin and two white marlin, racking up 2,119 points to win first place at the Treasure Cay Championship. Team Zues, led by owner Sandy Smith and Capt. Glenn Cameron, released two blue marlin, two white marlin and a sailfish. Their 1,700 point accumulation garnered second place. During the 3-day tournament the 31 participating boats caught a total of 42 billfish—24 blue marlin, 11 white marlin and 7 sailfish.

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