My name is Meagan Chestnut-Cooney. I have been completely in love with fishing and boating since my parents first discovered how perfectly my crib fit behind the lounge seats of our little boat.

I’ve had days when I completed my slam and met every goal, as well as days that I got completely skunked and had to accept defeat. No matter what happens, for me it is always a blessing to be in such a wonderful atmosphere with family and friends.

I always knew that I would end up with a guy that shared my obsession for fishing and boating. Luckily, I found Jeremy Cooney! We met through a friend and had an instant connection. He is a wonderful guy that grew up kickin’ around a little 12-footer along the St. Augustine ICW. Since he lived 6 hours away from me, I would make it a point to make his every trip to Pensacola worthwhile by planning fishing and camping trips.

We spent so much time fishing the Pensacola Pass at Fort McRee which is where he told me that he loved me for the first time! We got married May 9, 2009 and my parents gave us our beloved Lil Blue, a classic 17-foot Chapparal with a 70-hp Evinrude as a wedding gift. My wonderful captain and I are living in St. Augustine for now and have restored the little 12-footer that he grew up with, so we now can access both the waters of the east coast and of the Panhandle. We are looking forward to spending endless years of happiness on the water!

Not a great start

We had a crappy start to our year, with me being hit by a car in January and Cooney being injured and out of work for couple of weeks. Getting out of town is just what we need. We’re going to Pensacola for my Papa’s wedding and decided afterwards to kick off our Dream Trip blog. The plan is to travel from the Panhandle, down the West Coast of Florida to the Keys and back up the East Coast to our home in St. Augustine.

Monday, May 16 will be the first day of our trip blog. Then we’ll give you reports all the way to Day Ten.

We figured we might have to sleep in the car a night or two, but it would be well worth the adventure and escape! Instead, we contacted our friends at Florida Sportsman magazine and they helped us plan our expedition. It’s a road-trip along the coast of Florida for our 2-year anniversary.

Needless to say, we are ecstatic! We have spent the last couple of days accumulating a hardcore supply of fishing equipment for inshore and offshore fishing. We have spent our nights after work re-spooling our rods and talking about where we want to go and what we want to catch. The adventure has got us really psyched.

Who knows what’s coming?

Hopefully I can cross a couple of species off of my “never been caught” list (tarpon, snook, SAILFISH). Though both of our boats are marginally worthy of travel, we are going to kick off our adventure with our Lil Blue out in Pensacola and polish it off with our precious Moby Dick in St. Augustine. We’re hitting spots all along the Florida coast, spots that I have wanted to travel to for most of my life!

I can’t wait for Day One.

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