Day Two! Today was a bit more difficult to blog about because we didn’t have all that much time to do what we wanted. The 300-plus-mile-trip from Pensacola to Steinhatchee took most of our morning.

We left my parents’ house in Pensacola at 5 a.m. and had a rough start to our day. About an hour down the road, we had a blowout happen on our right rear tire. Luckily, we had all of the tools and a spare to make a repair and get back on the road.

We arrived at Steinhatchee Landing Resort ( around 11:30. This place highly exceeded our expectations! Terri at the front desk set us up with our kayaks and a perfect cottage.

We felt so spoiled to have this huge place to ourselves. Actually, we spent a lot of time on this porch when the front that came through. It was so nice sitting under the tin roof in a rainstorm.

We hit the river in the yaks straight away, though I kind of wish we would’ve taken an extra twenty minutes to get some lunch.

But we were being our normal impatient selves and wanted to get on the water. We used small chatterbait lures to target largemouth bass.

First, we paddled downstream and found nothing other than crabs and needlefish. Every fish cleaning station seemed to be wrapped in screen.

So we decided to try the other direction. This day was more focused on exploring the creeks of Steinhatchee than catching a bunch of fish.

We paddled up to and explored a sunken boat on the main river.

Then, we found a deep hole in a freshwater stream and Jeremy immediately hooked up to a nice size bass. The bass put on a nice display with the fight, but it spit the lure right as it reached the kayak.

Cooney was quite depressed to lose him, but was consoled moments later with another hookup. It was another bass. Even though it was tiny, it took away some of the heartache. I’m glad he kept us from being skunked!

We came upon this moss blanket. I’m not used to seeing stuff like this, the atmosphere out here is so different. I’m used to creeks win only pine trees, oaks and cedar. I love how tropical the vegetation seems.

We found a part of the creek that was running through rock. It was just wide enough for us to navigate through with our kayaks. The rocks were covered with spiders and fiddler crabs. That’s a strange combo in my book.

The caves under the rock I wanted to explore, but got too freaked out. My mind started dreaming up monsters.

I love that we took this little excursion; I haven’t kayaked in so long. It was fun to be off all alone, exploring the little creeks and rivers of Steinhatchee. There was just enough wind to keep the bugs at bay without blowing us away. The bite completely died out after a couple of hours, so we decided it was time to head in for lunch.

We went to Roy’s Restaurant, a cute little place on the water. Miss Edna was our server; we really enjoyed her company. Everyone in this area has been so sweet and welcoming. The entire town is centered on fishing and boating. Almost every house that we saw has a boat or two in the yard. I could live here in a heartbeat.

Later, we went to Maddies local market to stock up on the necessities for tomorrow–food, drinks, etc. We were both completely exhausted so our last stop of the day was the Sea Hag Marina. The residential cat, Ruler, stopped by to hang out.

We’ve been sitting on the upper deck writing about our day’s happenings, waiting for sunset, enjoying a drink and watching the charterboats come in with their catches. It’s the perfect end to a great day. We have to be back at the marina at 7:30 in the morning to meet up with Capt. Tommy Thompson for a day of fishing. We are really hoping that the weather holds out, though it’s not looking too promising.

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