Day 10: Back in St. Augustine

After a lazy start to the final leg of our journey, we eventually arrived in St Augustine. It was nearly 5 p.m. so we were rushing to try and pack up the boat and prepare for a night of camping. We hitched up our little boat, Moby Dick and headed out. We had to make a couple of stops along the way. First was at our favorite bait shop located a couple of blocks from our house, the Oldest City Bait and Tackle. And since we were both too exhausted to pack for cooking while we camped, we decided to order a pizza from our favorite place on the beach, Antonio’s. I know pizza is a strange camping food but if you’ve been following us for the last ten days hopefully you’ll cut us some slack. We did a quick fuel top-off and headed to our favorite ramp at Green Street.

How fitting that we started the trip working on ‘Lil Blue and now end it tinkering with Moby Dick. Cooney remained calm as he continued to try and fire her up. We haven’t used her in a while. She took a couple of minutes to clear up but eventually ran like a top. We concluded that she must have had a little bit of water in the gas tank. Off we went with tackle and camping gear.

We headed south on the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) to Faver-Dykes State Park, fishing a couple of shorelines along the way.

We finally ended up at our destination for the night, a primitive first-come first-serve campsite on Mellon Island.

We used a dual anchor system to secure the boat, accounting for the 6-foot tide change. We positioned it so it would be perfectly afloat at the water line for our early morning departure.

Just passing by any of the docks or boathouses that line the Intracoastal Waterway, it’s obvious the drastic tide changes that occur here.

The sunset was beautiful! We spent a couple of minutes throwing D.O.A. shrimp at the creek near our site and I hooked a for-sure slot-size flounder that broke my line. Errrrr! After looking over my tackle I realized that one of the eyes on my rod was damaged causing a weak spot in my line. This marked the official end to my fishing for this trip being that I only brought one rod.

We decided to go back to the campsite and settle down for the night. The weather was perfect!  We were so comfortable in our site. A nifty pole held our jackets, visors and lantern. We found a nice pile of pre-split wood that the campers before us left. Thanks! We made a nice fire and lit about 20 citronella candles that I had bought, but never used, for our site in Flamingo.

Enjoying our pizza and a couple of beers, we sat around for hours reflecting on our favorite parts of the trip, discussing where we’d go again and who we will be sure to visit. It was such a great idea to end our trip out here.

As fun as it has been to explore all of the different areas of Florida, our evening and night showed us that sometimes you have what’s best right in your backyard. On our way into the site, we even spotted a deer that had come to the water’s edge at sunset. We love it here! The decision to sleep without a rain tarp was perfect. We enjoyed a great view of the bright moon and stars tonight.

Cooney was up before me, and fished the nearby shorelines and little creeks on foot. The tide was going out hard and he wasn’t getting any bites so he decided to wake me up.

We packed camp pretty quickly and set off in the boat. Cooney had to make a couple more casts before we loaded the boat. We hadn’t planned on staying out too late today, but we wanted to fish the coves around Marineland. So we headed south. We’ve been gone more than a week—why not spend a bit more time on the water before getting back to reality?

We didn’t have any action, but the dolphins put on a great show for us. We headed back north, working the shorelines along the way. Cooney ended up with a bluefish—not a spectacular fish, we know—but it’s just another fish to add to our list of catches for the trip.

We rounded the corner and headed out to Matanzas Inlet. Pelicans were diving all over the place.

With my pole out of commission, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and nap, it felt wonderful.

But Cooney represented by catching a little redfish. The tide started to come in, and as bad as we wanted to fish the incoming tide, we couldn’t stand the thought of missing a homecoming breakfast at Beachcombers Restaurant. It’s their sunrise special that keeps us coming back. We chatted up a couple of locals and the bartender about our trip then headed home to crash.

But it’s really good to be home. We love our little town; it’s so beautiful and diverse. I hated getting back to reality though. I’m going to miss spending every moment of every day with my wonderful husband! I’m sure we will be doing some other adventure again soon. We can’t miss red snapper season in the Gulf so Pensacola is probably next on our agenda.













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  • Neal

    Thanks for sharing your trip with those of us stuck behind a desk. You have a knack for photography/writing and I am beginning to think Cooney could catch a fish in a mud puddle! Best Wishes

    • Meagan Cooney

      Thanks for following! We have no background/experience with writing/photography but its something we're willing to work at if it means getting to take part in adventures like this ;)


  • Michael Graham

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventure. Thank you for making the effort and taking the time to share it with the rest of us.

  • Steve

    What Neal said! I need to move to FL; St Auggie would be right up my alley.

  • David Stover

    I am dreaming now to plan my next long trip. Really enjoyed reading about yours.

  • Dennis

    Even though I couldn't see each day's stop as the blog progressed (the website was acting weird), I really enjoyed what I did see. Really liked the tuna video on the humps.

    Nice job and thanks for sharing.

  • Howard

    Unbelievable week! Thank you for the great reporting. I hope FSM will use this format again in the near future.

  • Travis McFarran

    Glad you guys had an awesome trip. We met you at the worldwide sportsman in islamorada. Me and my wife Theresa. It was nice to meet you guys and had a really great time ourselves. Don't you just love the keys? Although I'm sure that you experienced a vast diversity as I've seen on your blog! That's what I love about our state. So many different waters, landscapes and places. See ya later.

    • Meagan Cooney

      It was really nice meeting you guys!! You were the first people to recognize us on our journey! It was exciting :) We had a pretty rough night after leaving you guys! We had a long journey up to Flamingo which was further than we expected. Then had to travel back out of Flamingo before fishing the next morning in order to post our blog and pictures for everyone.

      Hope to run into you guys again someday!


  • Jim Gibson

    Thanks for sharing your adventure and passion for being on the water.I looked forward to reading your reports each day.

    I'm sure you inspired many to plan a similar journey.

    Tight lines

  • Don aka CH23

    Enjoyed your trip, I had to transplant to South Carolina from Hollywood, Fl, for work and now more home sick then ever!!! Great trip and good reporting,Thank You

  • Carl

    Great Blog, I really enjoyed following it. This should be a reoccurring feature. Thanks!

  • Earl aka BigE

    WOW !!!!!! I really enjoyed your blog, at times I witness myself not breathing from excitement THANKS for sharing.

  • Greg

    Wow thanks for the story and photographs!!! I live in Florida (Gulf Coast) and fish all the time, but would love to complete a multiple day trip like you experienced. Thank you for taking the time to share it.

  • Adam

    Awesome thanks so much for sharing your adventure!

  • Zach

    You guys are seriously my heroes! Me and my wife just moved from St. Auggy a couple months ago, and reading your blog has definately made me miss the town, and the fishing. Keep living the dream!

  • Meagan Cooney

    Thanks for the support everyone!! This was such an amazing experience! We are hoping to do another trip asap. We saw so many wonderful and diverse places in FL but there is so much more to see! We're going to be doing some research and planning another adventure soon.

    Happy fishing everybody!

    ~Meagan & Jeremy Cooney

    St Augustine Beach, FL

  • jack

    Always have a spare rod. Loveds the story. where is the Beachcomber Restaurant?

    • Meagan Cooney

      BeachCombers is located on St. Augustine Beach, A Street. Its a wonderful little restaraunt.

  • Deborah Kay Conrad Halcomb

    Loved this last day version. Just found this so missed the other 9 days. Any way to get the first 9 days? My husband and I (in our younger days) used to have these types of adventures. This brought back wonderful memories.

    • Meagan Cooney

      Hi Deborah! I just searched for 'Cooney' on the site … here are the results: That should bring up all of the other days :) … Thanks for reading!!!

  • Charlie

    I was born in St. Augustine and enjoyed your article very much. All of my cousins ( The Connor,s – Coon,Donut,Johnny,Greta,Tommy,Bud,Spike & Splot), still live there and I have enjoyed many fishing trips with them catching lot's of fish, mainly flatties. My Great Grandfather on my mother's side (Pellicer) lived on the creek where Favor Dykes currently is.

  • Roy

    Time is precious; a maxim I am acutely aware of, yet the sense of pressure and imperative achievement ingrained in me, perhaps conditioned by my working environment, nearly led me to miss the moment altogether.