FS SEMINAR- Natural Baits Inshore

Head inshore to Southwest Florida and join Editor Jeff Weakly demonstrating how to use cutbait to attract redfish and snook.

  • Bruce

    Great proven method, my favorite is small lady fish, or reversed fileted pin fish.

    • rick

      What do you mean by "reveersed"? If you meant "reversed": What is a reverse filet?

  • Jeff

    No doubt a great method. Too bad I lack the patience. I have to throw artificials or I get bored out of my mind! The only time I can use bait is when the fish are in the bait pods off the beach and the action is pretty fast!

  • Brian

    I am with you Jeff ! Many times what I will do is place a rod in a holder off the stearn of my boat with a live bait or "chunk" and procede to the bow with the trolling motor down and work the area throwing artifiicials. Keeps me sane!

  • Matt Embree

    a reverse fillet is from the tail to about the kills but leave the fillets on the fish as that opens the meat for blood and oils to escape in the water and also creates a little breathing action out of the dead bait as if it was swimming as the fillets will move in the water current

  • diago

    i like this i have been doing this inshore with cut laddy fish for the grouper under the mangroves

  • Captn. Steve Ritter

    this works well using frozen sardines cut at an angle across the back, use the tail pieces for chum and head and guts for bait