The August issue of Florida Sportsman highlights the new Minn Kota Talon in the In the Know section. Magazine staff got an exclusive look at the new shallow-water power anchor, expected to be available for sale in late October. Captain Wayne Magdalena, of Jensen Beach, had a Talon mounted on his Kenner boat. “A number of guides on the Treasure Coast have been testing the Talon for the past year,” said Wayne, “putting it through every possible scenario an inshore angler can encounter.”


Formally unveiled at ICAST in July, the Minn Kota Talon shallow-water anchor utilizes a spike to telescope straight-down to 6 or 8 feet deep. No hydraulic pump is needed on this electrical-mechanical, cable-driven system—only a 12-volt battery. The anodized aluminum base can be mounted straight to the boat, or on a bracket away from trim tabs or step ladder.


Features include Auto Up/Down, Auto-Drive (an automated sequence that uses up to 80 pounds of pressure to hold bottom), Rough Water Mode (3-stage anchoring sequence with 10-second pauses to hold the boat in place in rough water), and even a deployment notification alarm at engine startup. At 33 pounds, the anchor can easily be removed from the boat and kept in safe storage—four bolts hold the anchor in place. The 6-foot model (6 feet, 4 inches) is expected to retail for $1,299; the 8-footer (8 feet, 4 inches), $1,449. Included is a 2-year comprehensive warranty on parts and labor; plus the spike has an unconditional, lifetime warranty. For more, visit



Captain Wayne Magdalena fishing off the bow, Talon deployed in about two feet of water at the stern. The Talon is built from anodized aluminum. Anchoring force, Magdalena says, is 60 to 80 pounds of pressure.


This model was attached to an old Power-Pole bracket. Minn Kota will offer its own adapter plates, even though the Talon can be mounted directly to the boat. Notice the vertical height and transom angle adjustments that are easily accessible.


It’s easy to tighten or loosen the bolts that hold the unit in place. The whole unit moves up and down, or may be removed from the boat when not in use.


Magdalena removes the 33-pound Talon from its base.


A close look at the bottom of the Talon. Spike deploys first, followed by a telescoping aluminum shaft. The whole system is cable-driven. Notice the cable below the spike.


Magdalena uses a wireless remote to deploy the 8-foot Talon. The 6-foot, 4-inch unit is $1,299; 8-foot, 4-inch unit is $1,449.


The Talon’s remote control. Various programs are built into the unit, including Auto Up or Down (pressing the up or down button twice).


Six-footer deploys completely in 4.5 seconds, 8-footer in 6 seconds. One wire leads from the Talon to a battery inside the boat. Unit runs on a 12-volt battery and deploys at a 10amp peak.


The keypad at the top of the Talon. Blue light shows for each foot deployed, plus up/down arrows and a Rough Water mode (3-stage anchoring sequence). This top comes in white or black.


On the very top of the unit, notice the filter that hooks up to a hose. This is for flushing the Talon when rinsing the boat off.

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