Trolling LaGuaira Bank on 12 cents a gallon. Photos By Joe Richard.


Nice weather in LaGuaira harbor, but you
can count on an easterly wind offshore.


Captain Bubba Carter has quite the reputation
for finding billfish in the Atlantic or Pacific.


On the last day it grew quite calm, unusual for these waters.


First day out we found six-foot whitecaps. That seemed to turn the fish on, however.


Blue marlin grabs a skirted ballyhoo and cavorts


Karen Rodman of Miami hooked up a blue marlin,
and that fish had her fired up!


Another blue marlin worked in close for the tagging stick…


White marlin eased aboard for quick photos.
Venezuela is the epicenter for these fish.


Viviana Borjas from Barinas landed her first white marlin. When a small remora fish fell to the deck, a playful crew member attached it to her belly.


The remora was soon released however, just like all billfish caught by these guys.


One of a number of dolphin caught near a floating log. This one must have taken the hook deep; after bleeding in the water, it probably tasted better on the grill.


Cleaning up at day’s end with steaks on the grill and happy hour just arrived. In the background is part of LaGuaira harbor.

We found accommodations at Mango Marina with South Fishing Inc. of Miami, who are great at picking up their fishermen at the airport and whisking them off through traffic, to the lodge where the boats are kept. They have multiple day fishing packages and have been fishing Venezuelan waters for a long time, with similar operations in Panama and Guatemala. They can be reached at (800) 882-4665. We fished with the company’s Henry Riggs-Miller at web site is at:

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