In the winter of 2010, snook populations suffered serious losses in the severest cold to descend on Florida in more than 30 years. How has it changed snook catch and bag limits on both Florida coasts? And what does the future hold for this revered sport fish. Head of the FWC/Fish and Wildlife Research Institute’s Snook Research Program, Ron Taylor, gives us the answers. We’ll also go fishing with the scientists who get the answers from the fish: Jim Whittington and his team tag and implant snook with radio transmitters at the St. Lucie Inlet. Plus, we’ll drop in on the FWC meeting when the current snook regulations were developed. Sportsman Seminars cover good health practices for protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun, and Associate Editor Sam Hudson’s survey and review of landing nets. Plus, On the Conservation Front: Selling snook bigtime in Mexico.

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