Carcharodon carcharias

DESCRIPTION: Profile is much like the Mako’s, except proportionately trimmer. Color varies from overall grayish white to brownish above and white below. Usually looks lighter in the water than other big sharks. Nose is pointed; teeth triangular and serrated. A black patch may be present at base of pectoral fin.

SIZE: Might be 200 or 2,000 pounds. The largest of all predatory Sharks, it has been verified at 20 feet and over 4,000 pounds. World record 2,664 pounds; Florida record 686 pounds.

FOOD VALUE: From whose viewpoint: the angler’s or the Shark’s? White Shark steaks are probably fair to good, but who really knows?

GAME QUALITIES: Size and rarity alone place it among the ultimate angling challenges. The Great White, as a matter of fact, ranks as the largest species of fish ever caught by sportfishing methods.

TACKLE AND BAITS: For big specimens, the heaviest sporting tackle available is never too heavy. Best baits are large dead fish, such as Tuna, Dolphin or Bonito—or the same bait fished live, when available. Florida, catches are opportunistic, usually coming as a surprise to anglers who are seeking more common species of Sharks.

FISHING SYSTEMS: Drift Fishing; Still Fishing.

RANGE: Occurs, if rarely, off all Florida coasts, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Prefers cooler water than ours, and no more than a couple are reported in Florida during a typical angling year. More often than not, the occasional catch of a Great White is made in the Florida Keys.

HABITAT: The open sea.

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