This knot has often been touted as a good alternative to the Bimini Twist. But there really is no good alternative. The Spider Hitch often tests at 100 percent on a machine, but gradually weakens during a long fight, while the Bimini does not.

A. Double back the desired amount of line and grip the two strands with thumb and finger near the tag end, make a small loop near the tag end and take the base of this loop in the same thumb-finger grip.


B. Wrap the doubled line around your thumb (and around the small loop too) for three to five turns.

C. Slip the end of the long loop through the little loop. Pull the entire long loop through, allowing the wraps to slide from your thumb.

D. Tighten the knot as much as you can with hand pressure and trim the tag end.

For more information on knot tying and everything else having to do with bait, rigs & tackle, read Vick Dunaway’s popular book.

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