It’s hard to resist swatting skeeters when you’re sitting in a deer stand or turkey blind in Florida, but successful hunters don’t have to put up with the infernal whine. It’s no fun slapping bugs while you watch a bobber, either. By dispersing a chemical copy of the natural insecticide, pyrethrin, found in chrysanthemum flowers, ThermaCELL creates a 15 foot X 15 foot “swat-free zone.” The repellent is odorless, and animals cannot detect it. Now, ThermaCELL and REAL TREE are producing a unit in the REAL TREE Hardwoods Green HD camouflage pattern. Contact ThermaCELL at 1-8-NO-SKEETERS; www.thermacell.com.

Stalker Fly Line Tamer

Pro Trim introduces a model designed to stop fly line from dragging through the water while walking. Worn on either hip, the Stalker sits where the hand ends at the finish of the stripping motion. It can be clipped onto a belt or front pocket. Line does not drag and tangling is reduced, with the end result being longer, faster casts. Contact Pro Trim at (800) 421-2586; www.alumarine.com.

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