Real Tre Advantage Max1HD.


Whether duck hunting in sparsely vegetated marshes, deer hunting in an improved pasture, or dove hunting over a bare field, Florida hunters must work hard to conceal themselves. Advantage Max1 HD camo patterns are used in vests, pants, shirts, facemasks and more to let open-terrain hunters melt into their surroundings. With the HD process, each element is digitally captured and manipulated as an individual component, then applied to the fabric or other material one layer at a time to balance neutral earth tones with hints of shadow detail for added depth and realism. Visit, or



Kaenon Polarized SR-91



Kaenon introduces a new lens material of their own invention, the SR-91 , which is neither glass nor polycarbonate. Engineers say the material combines the superior optical quality of glass lenses and the durability of polycarbonate lenses. SR-91 lenses come in a wide range of lens tints, in specific light transmission levels designated numerically, and with a glare reduction element. Kaenon reports that the three most popular of their Variflex frames among flats anglers are Rhino, Beacon and the UPD. They recommend the Copper 12 tint for most flats situations, but add that the Copper 28 tint is popular among creek anglers dealing with shadows. Contact Kaenon at (949) 574-7918;



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