Hydra Enterprises Swivel Trident Kite Fishing Rod Holder

These days, most anglers are looking for gas-saving ways to catch fish offshore. Drift fishing with kites is one of the most effective and economical ways to catch pelagic gamefish. Made for drift/kite fishing, the second generation Swivel Trident Kite Fishing Rod Holder works as a mini-rocket launcher. It gives you full tilt and 360-swivel flexibility, so the rod holder fits into the different 15- and 30-degree angles of the rod holders in gunnels. The flexibility also gives an angler full ability to adapt to changing or opposing winds and currents. And the system helps tournament anglers keep lines in the water while chasing a fish. Choice of colors is available, and the system includes two drink holders and holes to keep rigging needles. Contact Hydra Enterprises at (561) 436-2439; www.rodholders.com/.


Ande Fishing line.



After 50 years as a leader in the monofilament business, Ande reveals its first braided line. Ande Braid , made of Spectra fiber, provides the advantages you expect in a quality braided line, including small diameters, smooth casting, longer casts, fine sensitivity, zero memory, absence of stretch, no line-twisting, and abrasion resistance. Line comes in 8-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 50-, 80- and 125-pound tests. All breaking strengths are available in teal green and high-visibility yellow. 125-yard, 300- and 1200-yard spools are available. Order Ande Braid at www.andemonofilament.com/.



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