JL Audio Marine Audio Products

JL Audio, a global leader in high-end mobile audio, designed a new line of marine products to weather the challenges of life on the water while preserving the performance qualities of their land-based products. Products include loudspeakers , subwoofers and amplifiers. All components are designed using marine-grade materials: marine-grade stainless-steel fasteners, powder-coated aluminum amplifier chassis, solid-brass connectors, UV-resistant Centrex polymer speaker baskets, and moisture-proof driver diaphragms. See the entire lineup at www.jlaudio.com, or contact them at (954) 443-1100.



Air-Tight E-Axel

Pipe-Light Trailer Lightsare designed to increase visibility, safety and the lifespan of your trailer lights. The lights attach to the tops of existing 2-inch PVC trailer guides. Because the lights do not get submersed, they don’t corrode or short as quickly. Kits include a pair of incandescent or LED lights with two, red, rear-side marker lights and an illuminated license-plate bracket. Ten-inch wire leads and the necessary connectors and clips are also included. The lights can be connected to a trailer’s existing wire harness. Contact Pipe-Light Inc. at (800) 281-1084; www.pipe-light.com.



Cascade Creek Co. Surfgrip

Cascade Creek Co. adds the Surfgrip model for one-piece paddles to their Yakgrips line. The Surfgrip model follows the curve of your hand to reduce fatigue and prevent blisters and calluses. The grips help ease the pressure on your palms and tendons and thus facilitate more efficient paddling. Open the hook-and-loop closure and wrap around the paddle shaft under each hand position. Interior gripping design keeps them in place. Yakgrips are weather resistant, waterproof and resist fading. Contact Cascade Creek Co. at (631) 271-2100; www.cascadecreek.com.

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