MD Lures Skirt Change System.

MD Lures presents their patented Skirt Change System. Skirts attach to anodized machined aluminum heads without glue, screws or strings. Cut the skirt about 1/16 inch above the collar to create an O-ring seal. Place the skirt on the head over the groove. Roll it onto the head. The heads come in 10 sizes and four colors: chrome, black, violet and turquoise. Skirts come in 41/2-inch, 7-inch and 10-inch skirts. You can attach double skirts for more color variation and high-speed trolling. Heads range from $7 to $21.95. Skirts are about 75 cents apiece. Contact MD Lures at (305) 522-1095, or

Air-Tight E-Axel.

Air-Tight introduces the E-Axle, a product that makes trailer wheel bearing failure an easy roadside fix. Bearing failure can cause spindles to be damaged so badly you can’t put on a spare tire. E-axle doubles as a spare tire mount and a universal replacement spindle for your trailer. It slides over the damaged spindle, and bolts onto the brake flange plate. The manufacturer says you’ll be on the road again in about 15 minutes. The tire rolls outside the fender with the same camber and weight rating of the original spindle. They retail for $124.99. Contact Air-Tight LLC at (561) 741-4774, or


Chum-King presents an active bait release system with a controlled release mechanism. The Chum-King makes it simple to sink chum to appropriate depths. Before adding chum, anglers can fill the weight chamber with ordinary fishing weights. The chamber can hold up to 5 pounds of lead. One Chum-King can be used to disperse frozen chum or a combination of frozen chum and oily cutbait, such as sardines or ballyhoo. Or, you can “prep” an area with frozen chum then send down a second chamber filled with cutbait, squid or shrimp. Contact Chum-King at (866) CHUMKING, or


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