Titus Gold Series

Okuma adds a size 10 to the Titus Gold Series. The TG-10s have machine cut aluminum frames and include large-diameter aluminum spools for increased cranking power. The left side plate features a more compact clicker button for an easy on/off application. They also come with double pawl anti-reverse and oversized stainless steel gears and an oversized ergonomic soft-touch handle for all-day comfort. They are available in high-speed, two-speed or levelwind versions. They come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Suggested retail is $299. Contact Okuma at www.okumafishing.com, or (800) 466-5862.

Sufix Elite

American Fishing Wire introduces TOOTH PROOF Tournament Straights , titanium wire leaders they say are hard but not brittle. They come in 12- and 36-inch lengths packed in clear plastic tubes. Each tube contains 300 feet of precisely cut, straight lengths in bright and a darker camo brown color that reduces visibility. It’s offered in 32-, 38-, 44- and 58-pound test to cover every tournament condition. Contact AFW at (800) 842-WIRE, or visit www.americanfishingwire.com.

TOOTH PROOF Tournament Straights

Sufix presents Elite Monofilament , which they say provides a perfect balance of suppleness and abrasion resistance. Manufacturers lay the line on extra-wide spools, which minimizes line memory. This translates to easier spooling, better casting distance and more tangle-free fishing. The monofilament is available in 100-yard, 300-yard, 750-yard and 3,000-yard spool sizes, in 4- to 100-pound tests. Colors include clear, low-vis green, clear blue and hi-vis yellow. For more information, visit www.sufix.com, or call (800) 554-1423.


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