R2 Series Mini Gear Keeper Plier Retractor

The spring-loaded RT2 Series Mini Gear Keeper Pliers Retractor utilizes six ounces of tension to automatically retract pliers or other tools when you’re done using them, prevents them from going overboard while unhooking fish, and otherwise keeps them handy at all times. The saltwater-proof, palm-sized canister attaches to the wearer with a belt clip that features a quick-release connection. A rugged nylon lanyard and 28-inch stainless steel cable connect pliers to the canister. Suggested retail $21.99. Contact Hammerhead Industries, 1501 Goodyear Ave., Ventura, CA 93003; (805) 658-9922; www.gearkeeper.com.



RodMounts RodLoft PRO

Create more space for your tackle boxes and stop squeezing your kids between fishing rods when traveling with the RodMounts RodLoft PRO. Five no-drilling-required interchangeable mounting options suspend two rigid telescopic bars with rod grip and tip holders above the passengers of any SUV or van. Security straps lock rods into place. The standard RodLoft holds six rigged rods of any size or type, and can be expanded to transport up to 36. Suggested retail is $99. Contact RodMounts, P.O. Box 8105, Bend, OR 97708; (888) 925-4487; www.rodmounts.com.

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