Chuck Casagrande was the holder of 18 non-fishing-related patents in early 2006 when he decided to design a better mousetrap–a boat chair with a powerful suction cup that would allow the chair to be quickly moved around the deck. He took a booth at the Ft. Myers Florida Sportsman Fishing and Boat Show to see what the fishing public would think of this new invention that didn’t even have a name, much less packaging and distribution. Now, just a little over two years later, Chuck has built a viable company with over 50 different SeaSucker products, and while the design of most of them came from Chuck’s creative mind, several of the best sellers came from ideas that Show attendees came up with.

“The FS Shows are the best place I know of to test market a new product and get ideas on what the fisherman/boater is looking for,” says Chuck. “The crowd is hyper-focused on fishing gear and marine products so every single person walking the aisle is a potential customer. Many of them have needs for products that aren’t out there yet so I get ideas from them on how SeaSucker can fill those needs.”

Chuck is a true believer in the FSCN communications package. First it was the shows, moving from two shows to all eight. Then came the magazines, starting with a ¼ page ad in both Florida Sportsman and Shallow Water Angler in the spring of 2007, which has grown to Full pages in the latest issue of Shallow Water Angler. The next piece of the media mix was TV, adding Florida Sportsman and Shallow Water Angler TV. “What better way to demonstrate our product,” he commented. Chuck gives a great deal of credit to the Florida Sportsman Communications Network for SeaSucker’s success and the ability to reach his target market. He’s looking forward to expanding his ads and booth space to accommodate all of the new and exciting products he has in mind for the fall Show season.

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See sample ads below.


1/3-page ad from Shallow Water Angler.


Full Page ad from Florida Sportsman

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