GPS coordinates for Department of Defense towers in the Gulf of Mexico. Companion story to Gulfside Melting Pots (FS April 2005).

The V Tower, like others in the area, holds plenty of action.

April is prime time to fish those remote offshore reefs in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico. Permit, kingfish, cobia and other species move from reef-to-reef on northbound migrations this time of year. Trouble is, finding a spot out of Key West or Marco Island can be tricky—as there are great distances between the fishiest spots, and not a lot of “numbers” are readily available to the public. Most of the natural bottom is sand or mud, relatively featureless. But if you can find some of the many manmade structures out there, such as shipwrecks, you may be onto a fishy gold mine.

A series of unusual towers stationed in the area hold great possibilities for this kind of fishing. The Department of Defense maintains the towers for classified purposes, but doesn’t prevent sportfishermen from dropping baits nearby. Here are GPS numbers for seven towers within striking distance of Key West and Marco Island. The towers are labeled alphabetically.

Techniques described in “Gulfside Melting Pots,” in the April issue of Florida Sportsman Magazine, work well on these and other sites.

T Tower: 25-48.0’N/82-13.0’W 68 feet of water

D Tower: 25-34.0’N/81-43.0’W 28 feet

R Tower: 25-28.0’N/82-06.11’W 69 feet

L Tower: 25-22.0’N/82-27.0’W 105 feet

P Tower: 25-07.0’N/82-00.0’W 65 feet

S Tower: 25-02.0’N/82-22.0’W 85 feet

W Tower: 24-56.0’N/82-43.0’W 120 feet


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